Adore Me introduces AM by You, a GenAI-powered feature transforming lingerie design through customer creativity.

Adore Me, a prominent lingerie brand, has unveiled its latest innovation, AM by You, utilizing GenAI to let customers design their own lingerie sets. This tool allows users to select colors and patterns via simple text inputs, with the GenAI then generating the design. This approach personalizes the shopping experience and directly integrates customer input into product creation.

Despite the novelty, integrating GenAI into their product line poses unique challenges for Adore Me. Each custom design undergoes a rigorous moderation process to ensure it meets the brand’s standards, involving AI and human oversight. This increases production costs and initially narrows profit margins. Moreover, the AI’s compute costs add another layer of expense, although these are expected to decrease as the technology scales.

However, the benefits of GenAI are clear. Adore Me can offer a unique product by automating design without significantly raising prices, keeping custom-designed lingerie accessible. The brand maintains high quality and sustainable manufacturing standards, demonstrating that advanced technology can align with core company values.

Adore Me’s move reflects a broader industry trend where brands leverage AI to enhance the online shopping experience. This strategic use of GenAI positions Adore Me at the forefront of innovation in the lingerie industry, promising a future where technology continuously enriches consumer choice and satisfaction.