AGFA HealthCare showcases its cutting-edge Enterprise Imaging innovations at RSNA 2023, introducing new RUBEE® AI Packages and Integrations to enhance healthcare delivery.

AGFA HealthCare, a pioneer in healthcare technology, is demonstrating its advanced Enterprise Imaging solutions at RSNA 2023. The highlight is the RUBEE® AI Packages, designed to revolutionize clinical workflows and patient care. These packages automate critical condition detection, like hemorrhagic strokes, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.

Additionally, AGFA introduces the RUBEE® AI Integrations framework. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates AI software and platforms into healthcare workflows, maximizing AI’s potential in clinical decision-making. This integration is crucial in improving efficiency and supporting early disease detection and treatment, such as in breast cancer and lung diseases.

A key case study from Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital showcases the real-world impact of AGFA’s AI solutions. The study highlights how the RUBEE® AI Packaging strategy has optimized radiology workflows, improving both efficiency and accuracy. This practical application underlines AGFA’s commitment to advancing healthcare through technology.

Dr. Anjum Ahmed, AGFA HealthCare’s Global Chief Medical Officer, emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts for successful AI adoption in healthcare. Through its Imaging Health Network™, AGFA is enhancing clinical imaging practices, allowing clinicians to focus more on patient care and less on operational complexities.