Air India introduces its GenAI-powered chatbot, AI.g, on WhatsApp, offering instant, multilingual travel assistance.

Air India has taken a significant step towards digital innovation by launching its GenAI-driven virtual assistant, AI.g, on WhatsApp. This initiative aims to revolutionize customer service by providing immediate, on-the-go support to travelers. AI.g is proficient in Hindi, English, French, and German, and can address over 1300 travel-related queries, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive assistance range.

Integrating AI.g with WhatsApp significantly enhances its accessibility, allowing Air India’s global clientele to enjoy real-time interaction. Travelers can now easily check flight statuses, manage bookings, download boarding passes, and seek answers to common travel queries through a simple chat interface. This integration notably diminishes the need for traditional customer support calls, fostering a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Rajesh Dogra, Air India’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, emphasizes the company’s commitment to continuous innovation. He highlights that AI.g’s presence on WhatsApp aligns with Air India’s goal of providing seamless, round-the-clock service. This move is a testament to the airline’s dedication to being at the forefront of customer-centric advancements.

The incorporation of GenAI technology in AI.g allows for natural, conversational interactions, adapting to user inquiries dynamically. This ability to learn and evolve makes AI.g increasingly proficient, ensuring faster and more accurate responses. As AI.g handles routine inquiries, Air India’s customer support team can focus on more complex, value-added interactions, enhancing overall service quality.