Alethio Inc., a South Korean startup, is reshaping prenatal journeys for future parents with its new GenAI-driven imaging tool.

The company’s service, named ‘Baby Face,’ utilizes advanced GenAI algorithms to transform three-dimensional ultrasound images of unborn babies into projected facial images of the future child. This service, priced at 33,000 won ($28), is available within 24 hours for ultrasounds of babies older than seven months.

CEO Tony Kim, a former Samsung SDS researcher, founded Alethio in 2016, leveraging Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for this unique application. Unlike traditional deep learning algorithms, GANs can interpret prenatal ultrasound characteristics to estimate the baby’s future appearance. This capability differentiates Alethio’s service from conventional facial recognition technologies that primarily focus on blending current faces.

Alethio’s technological innovation lies in its AI’s ability to reconstruct obscured facial parts in ultrasounds, a common challenge due to the baby’s positioning. With continuous machine training, the AI becomes more adept at restoring these hidden aspects, enhancing the accuracy of the projected images.

The startup’s dedication has attracted significant investments, including 500 million won from Naver’s D2 Startup Factory in 2017. Alethio’s success, highlighted by a 50% annual sales growth, has set it on a path to expand into the Chinese market, targeting 5 billion won in revenue amidst South Korea’s declining birthrate.