Amazon Fire TV now uses GenAI to simplify finding TV shows and movies even if you don’t know the exact name.

Fire TV’s new AI-enhanced search helps users find content easily using natural language. You can search by topic, genre, plot, character, actor, and even quotes by asking Alexa for recommendations like a knowledgeable friend. For instance, you can say, “Show me movies about dog and human friendships,” or “What movie has the line, ‘You’re killing me, Smalls?’”

This GenAI-powered search, built on Amazon’s large language model, personalizes recommendations from Prime Video and other streaming services. It addresses the common challenge of spending too much time searching for content, which, according to Nielsen, averages more than 10 minutes per session.

AI-enhanced search improves discoverability and user experience by understanding complex and nuanced queries. It reduces the effort needed to find suitable content and ensures that recommendations are contextual and relevant, showing users options available at no extra cost.

Despite its benefits, the GenAI search may not always be comprehensive, but it marks a significant advancement in making voice-activated searches more intuitive and user-friendly. As this feature rolls out to more devices, it promises to set a new standard for voice assistant capabilities.