Amazon Pharmacy integrates GenAI to enhance prescription processing and customer service, aiming to improve efficiency and accuracy.

This move addresses the growing demand for medications and streamlines the patient experience by structuring prescription directions, forecasting demand, and providing real-time insurance estimates using GenAI. The technology’s implementation enables more structured and understandable prescription instructions, significantly reducing human error and optimizing medication stocking and delivery.

Alexandre Alves, senior principal engineer at Amazon Pharmacy, and his team utilized Amazon Web Services, including Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker, to develop these GenAI capabilities. By automating the structuring of unstructured prescription data, Amazon Pharmacy can fill prescriptions faster and with fewer mistakes, increasing processing speed by 90%. Additionally, GenAI aids in predicting medication needs, ensuring pharmacies stock necessary medications.

GenAI also plays a crucial role in helping customers find the best medication prices by offering real-time insurance estimates and savings options without requiring manual insurance detail entry. Furthermore, it enhances customer support by summarizing documentation and validating responses for accuracy, ensuring that interactions are efficient and safe.

The use of GenAI extends to optimizing delivery schedules and prioritizing urgent needs to ensure timely medication access. Amazon Pharmacy’s embrace of GenAI demonstrates a commitment to leveraging technology for better healthcare outcomes and customer satisfaction, marking a significant advancement in the digital pharmacy sector.