Amdocs elevates telecom with new GenAI features on its amAIz platform, streamlining operations and customer experiences.

Amdocs introduces advancements in its telco-native GenAI platform, amAIz, enhancing the telecom sector’s operational and customer engagement capabilities. Developed in collaboration with GenAI leaders, amAIz integrates LLMs into telecom systems, offering cost-efficient, telco-specific solutions.

New additions to Amdocs’ CES24 suite include GenAI copilots across various functions, from customer service to network optimization. These copilots improve efficiency, reduce sales cycles, and offer tailored customer interactions, leveraging Amdocs’ partnerships, especially with Microsoft, to enrich the Customer Engagement Platform.

Key innovations like Amdocs CPQ Pro and Amdocs Catalog employ GenAI to refine sales processes and generate customized offers, respectively. The Amdocs Intelligent Network Suite introduces copilots for actionable network insights, promoting operational efficiency.

Amdocs amAIz further accelerates market readiness with Bill Inquirer and Conversational Selling, enhancing customer service and sales conversions. A low-code environment supports the rapid development of telco-specific GenAI applications bolstered by industry-tailored LLMs and data sets.

Anthony Goonetilleke and Ahmad Latif Ali from IDC underscore amAIz’s role in transitioning telecom from conceptual models to tangible productivity gains, highlighting its comprehensive GenAI utility across business domains.