Amgen integrates NVIDIA’s GenAI for enhanced drug discovery, leveraging vast human datasets for precision medicine breakthroughs.

Amgen, a biotech leader, is pioneering a novel GenAI approach in drug research. In collaboration with NVIDIA, they’re deploying the powerful NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD at the deCODE genetics center in Reykjavik. Named Freyja, after the Norse goddess of foresight, the system embodies Amgen’s innovative vision.

Freyja’s primary application is constructing a comprehensive human diversity atlas. This atlas will be instrumental in identifying new drug targets and biomarkers specific to various diseases. It’s a step towards more effective, personalized treatments, potentially revolutionizing how we approach serious health conditions.

Amgen’s integration of NVIDIA’s technology, including 31 DGX H100 nodes, marks a significant shift in research methodologies. This advanced setup allows for the rapid training of sophisticated AI models, significantly reducing research timelines and enabling more profound insights into complex health data.

David M. Reese of Amgen emphasizes the transformative impact of merging technology with biotechnology. Kári Stefánsson from deCODE envisions a future where genetics and GenAI are central to understanding and treating rare diseases.

Since 1996, deCODE has collected over 200 petabytes of anonymized data, primarily from Icelandic genealogies, offering unique insights into human genetics and disease. Their global expansion includes significant data from the UK Biobank.

Amgen’s use of NVIDIA BioNeMo further enhances its GenAI capabilities. Beyond accelerating drug development, it focuses on producing more effective drugs with fewer side effects, a critical aspect of patient care.