Aon announces a game-changing internal GenAI platform, set to empower employees and streamline tasks.

Aon, a global leader in insurance brokerage, is poised to launch a unique generative AI (GenAI) platform for its workforce by the end of 2024. Stéphane Lespérance, Aon Canada’s president, revealed plans for granting all Aon colleagues access to this innovative tool. The platform, featuring a large language model (LLM), aims to simplify and expedite various work processes.

Central to Aon’s GenAI platform is its capability to compare policy languages efficiently. It’s designed to identify differences in wordings from different carriers swiftly, aiding in quicker decision-making. This tool not only facilitates comparisons but also integrates these findings into client presentations, eliminating the need for manual data re-entry.

The introduction of this GenAI platform is a strategic move by Aon to secure a competitive edge in the insurance market. The rollout, set to occur in stages, will see Canadian employees gaining access by the year’s end. This initiative reflects a broader trend in the insurance sector, where leading companies like Swiss Re, Munich Re, Chubb, and CFC are integrating GenAI tools into their operations.

However, the industry is proceeding with caution. Leaders like MAPFRE’s Antonio Huertas and EY’s Isabelle Santenac highlight the need for ethical and regulatory compliance in GenAI usage, emphasizing data privacy and model bias. This cautious approach underlines the challenges and potential risks associated with GenAI integration in insurance.