The Armani Group pioneers in luxury retail with its expanded partnership with ON, leveraging GenAI to redefine customer engagement.

The Armani Group, a vanguard in the fashion and luxury industry, is taking a monumental leap in customer engagement by intensifying its partnership with ON, a leader in AI chat platforms. This expansion, which initially began with A|X Armani Exchange, now proudly encompasses other esteemed brands such as Armani Exchange in Canada and the UK, Emporio Armani, and EA7 Emporio Armani.

This collaboration is a beacon of innovation in the luxury retail sector. Since integrating ON’s GenAI solutions, A|X Armani Exchange has witnessed a transformative shift in customer interactions. The automated AI chat efficiently managed 92% of incoming inquiries, drastically enhancing the customer journey and expediting resolutions. This integration has also significantly multiplied the likelihood of conversions, with shoppers up to five times more inclined to make purchases.

The Armani Group’s decision to adopt ON’s GenAI-First approach and participate in the “Bounded Expertise” GenAI Beta program exemplifies their commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction. This strategic move not only positions the Armani Group as a trendsetter in embracing secure and effective GenAI solutions but also demonstrates their dedication to evolving customer expectations.