Atlassian Corp. unveils expanded GenAI features across its product suite, transforming data access and project management.

Atlassian Corp. Plc. is integrating generative AI (GenAI) across its major software products, enhancing data interaction and productivity. The initiative, Atlassian Intelligence, leverages both in-house AI models and OpenAI’s GPT-4, promising transformative impacts on project and data management.

Sherif Mansour, head of Atlassian Intelligence, emphasizes the potential of AI in boosting productivity across various team types. This integration allows users to interact conversationally with vast organizational data, streamlining project tracking and service delivery.

Key applications include Jira, Atlassian’s project and issue tracking software, and Confluence, its team collaboration platform. In Jira, users can generate customer responses within the editor, while Confluence offers document summarization and AI-driven insights, enhancing team coordination and project awareness.

The GenAI capabilities also aid in onboarding, helping new employees navigate company jargon and culture through conversational AI agents. For example, users can request explanations of internal terms directly within Confluence, receiving contextually relevant, conversational responses.

Atlassian’s AI services are already proving their worth in real-world applications. Domino’s Pizza Inc., for instance, uses these services for efficient summarization of post-incident reports, significantly saving management time.

Additionally, Atlassian introduces natural language prompts for Jira Query Language and SQL searches in Atlassian Analytics. This feature democratizes data access, allowing non-technical teams to derive insights through simple conversational queries.