Bank of Shanghai collaborates with SenseTime to launch AI staff “Hai XiaoZhi” and “Hai XiaoHui,” providing convenient financial services to the elderly.

Bank of Shanghai recently announced the successful launch of its two AI staff, “Hai XiaoZhi” and “Hai XiaoHui,” developed in collaboration with SenseTime. This milestone marks a new phase in the digital transformation of financial services. These AI employees, developed through six months of intensive innovation, not only possess lifelike postures and expressions but also offer a wide range of financial services, from business consultation to internal product introductions.

Notably, “Hai XiaoZhi” and “Hai XiaoHui” are supported by SenseTime’s large-scale model (SenseChat), boasting a rich knowledge database and robust processing capabilities. These AI staff have undergone training with 2,000 Q&A data entries and 100,000 language data corpus, achieving high accuracy in responses. They are well-versed in over 4,000 financial products of the bank, offering personalized financial advice and product recommendations.

These AI employees significantly lower the barrier for the elderly to use complex banking apps through natural language interaction. Bank of Shanghai, mindful of the challenges the elderly face in digital transformation, has developed these AI staff to prioritize user experience and affinity.

Additionally, SenseTime’s SenseAvatar not only renders the AI staff’s appearance and interactions more lifelike but also plays a significant role in emerging areas like Metaverse banking, offering immersive financial experiences. The launch of these AI employees has not only improved the frequency and quality of customer service but also significantly enhanced the bank’s operational efficiency without increasing staff numbers.