BMW’s latest project, ‘The Ultimate AI Masterpiece’, is turning cars into moving art pieces with AI.

Imagine a car that’s not just a car, but a canvas for extraordinary art. That’s what BMW has done with “The Ultimate AI Masterpiece”. Teaming up with tech wizard Nathan Shipley and art guru Gary Yeh, they’ve created something special. Using NVIDIA’s StyleGAN, they’ve mixed and matched over 50,000 artworks from centuries past with contemporary pieces, letting AI whip up new, unique art. It’s a bold move, meshing BMW’s tech prowess with a love for art​1​.

The journey to this masterpiece wasn’t straightforward. The BMW team dreamt big, thinking about cars decked out in LEDs or having an onboard computer to create art on the go. But reality checked in – that was pretty pricey. So, they pivoted to projections, a more cost-effective way to showcase their AI-driven art. This nearly two-year-long adventure shows BMW’s dedication to pushing the boundaries, blending tech and tradition.

But it’s not all about cool art and fancy tech. BMW’s project brings up some deep thoughts about AI in art. What if AI only knows Western art? Are we accidentally sidelining other rich art traditions? These are the kinds of questions BMW is grappling with, making sure their AI art is thoughtful and inclusive.

What BMW has done here is more than creating a techy art piece. It’s a statement about where art and technology can go together. It’s not just about making cars look snazzy; it’s about starting conversations on how AI intersects with culture and ethics. BMW isn’t just making cars; they’re setting the stage for a future where technology and creativity dance together.