Checkbox introduces the ‘Legal Services Hub,’ an AI-powered platform designed to enhance in-house legal team operations.

Checkbox, a pioneer in legal intake and workflow automation, has launched the ‘Legal Services Hub’, a new AI-powered platform designed specifically for in-house legal teams. This innovative tool integrates GenAI to streamline the entire legal process, from intake to matter management and workflow automation.

The legal sector often faces challenges such as fragmented processes and inefficient handling of matters, leading to delays and increased costs. The Legal Services Hub addresses these issues by combining AI technology with practical workflow solutions, allowing legal teams to manage their operations more effectively. Its AI Legal Chatbot significantly reduces the need for manual data entry and expedites the routing of requests based on established company policies.

According to Evan Wong, CEO and Co-founder of Checkbox, introducing AI into their platform has revolutionized how legal teams operate. “Our AI-powered hub reduces manual processes and enhances data accuracy, leading to better, faster decision-making and increased platform adoption,” says Wong. Feedback from users like Woolworths Group and Invisalign points to substantial improvements in efficiency and the ability to deliver legal advice more effectively.

The impact of Checkbox’s Legal Services Hub extends beyond the simplification of routine tasks. It provides legal teams with comprehensive analytics and tracking tools, enabling them to gain insights into matter volume, status, and types at a glance. This capability ensures that legal departments can report their performance to leadership accurately and in real-time, enhancing overall strategic decision-making within the company.