CitiusTech unveils a GenAI trust and safety solution, setting a new standard in healthcare tech.

CitiusTech addresses the critical need for trust in healthcare’s GenAI applications with its new Gen AI Quality & Trust solution. Amidst the GenAI boom in 2023 and a clear trend towards GenAI adoption in healthcare, trust remains a significant barrier. A notable 86% of Americans express concerns over the transparency of GenAI’s data origin and vetting, highlighting the urgency for reliable GenAI solutions in healthcare.

The Quality & Trust solution by CitiusTech introduces a comprehensive framework, leveraging over 70 metrics and more than 25 methods across seven critical dimensions, including Accuracy, Calibration, Robustness, Fairness, Bias, Toxicity, and Efficiency. This innovative tool aims to empower healthcare organizations to develop, integrate, and monitor GenAI applications confidently, ensuring high standards of quality and trust.

Rajan Kohli, CEO of CitiusTech, emphasizes the tool’s inception from client needs. 80% of GenAI projects face delays due to reliability and compliance issues. By focusing on trust, quality, and reliability, CitiusTech not only aims to solve these challenges but also to enable clients to leverage GenAI for competitive advantage in the healthcare sector.

CitiusTech, based in Princeton, New Jersey, offers a wide range of healthcare technology solutions and services, including data integration, management products, and AI-powered recommendation engines. It caters to a diverse clientele of healthcare technology companies, providers, payers, and life sciences organizations.

The introduction of the GenAI Quality & Trust solution is a strategic expansion of CitiusTech’s offering. It seamlessly integrates into existing MLOps, DataOps, and Quality Management Solutions, further solidifying CitiusTech’s commitment to enhancing trust and safety in healthcare GenAI applications.