Cohesity, a Silicon Valley-based data management company, has announced the launch of Cohesity Gaia, a first-of-its-kind GenAI search assistant, transforming secondary data into actionable insights.

Cohesity Gaia is the first of its kind as it utilizes GenAI to analyze and interpret vast amounts of backup data within Cohesity environments, providing organizations with a dynamic knowledge base that can assist in achieving their objectives securely and compliantly.

With Cohesity Gaia, organizations can seamlessly access their backup data to derive in-depth insights across cloud and hybrid environments. Cohesity Gaia integrates LLM services in collaboration with major cloud providers, making it easier to transform stored data into valuable insights without compromising data privacy or security.

Cohesity Gaia is built on the Cohesity Data Cloud architecture, designed to deliver performance, extensibility, and scalability. It provides a seamless conversational search experience that supports Microsoft 365 and OneDrive, with plans to extend its capabilities to other data workloads.

The Cohesity Data Cloud architecture ensures that Cohesity Gaia adheres to regulatory compliance while facilitating rapid, accurate conversational searches. With strict access controls and zero-trust security principles, Cohesity Gaia streamlines the decision-making process across various use cases and reduces the system’s performance burden.¬†Cohesity Gaia is set to launch on March 15, 2021, marking a significant leap in AI-driven data security and management.