Coursera has revolutionized online learning in India by translating 4000 courses into Hindi with GenAI, enhancing accessibility and digital literacy.

Coursera, the renowned online learning platform, has made a significant stride in India’s education sector. By employing advanced GenAI technology, Coursera has translated its extensive catalogue of 4000 courses into Hindi. This initiative not only democratizes education but also aligns with India’s goal of becoming a $5-trillion economy through skill development.

The translated courses encompass a wide array of subjects, including popular ones like ‘Generative AI for Everyone’ and ‘The Science of Well-Being’. Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda emphasizes their commitment to making quality education universally accessible, a move that promises to reshape the learning landscape in India.

In a parallel development, Coursera unveiled the GenAI Academy, aimed at foundational literacy and executive education. Collaborating with elite institutions and corporations like Stanford and Google Cloud, this venture marks a milestone in structured digital education. L&T, a leading Indian enterprise, has already integrated the GenAI Academy into its employee training programs.

Coursera’s innovation doesn’t stop there. The launch of Coursera Coach, a GenAI-powered virtual assistant, offers personalized learning assistance, enhancing the overall user experience. This tool, currently in beta for Coursera Plus subscribers, offers interactive support in local languages.

Lastly, the Coursera Course Builder is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to innovative education solutions. This AI-powered tool assists in creating comprehensive courses, streamlining the process for companies and educational institutions.