Doris transforms fashion retail with its GenAI-powered ecosystem, offering a seamless blend of online and in-store experiences.

Doris, a pioneer in fashion tech, has introduced a GenAI-driven ecosystem that changes the shopping experience, merging the digital with the physical. This innovation allows customers to virtually try on clothes in various sizes, accurately reflecting their body image, thereby enhancing the shopping experience regardless of location.

The Doris Widget and Doris Magic Mirror are the two standout features of the ecosystem. The Widget enhances online shopping by allowing customers to experiment with different outfits and sizes with a 96% accuracy rate in size recommendations. On the other hand, the Magic Mirror transforms in-store trials by providing an immersive, digital fitting experience.

These advancements have led to significant benefits for retailers, including tripled conversion rates, increased basket values, and reduced returns.

Marcos de Moraes, Doris’ CEO, emphasizes the ecosystem’s role in optimizing choice and self-expression, celebrating its success in reducing returns and saving resources. Doris not only offers a unique shopping experience but also marks a step forward in sustainable retail practices.