eBay has launched a new GenAI feature, “shop the look,” in its iOS app, designed to offer personalized fashion recommendations.

eBay introduced “shop the look,” a GenAI feature on its iOS app that recommends fashion items based on what users like. It finds similar styles and outfits, perfect for those into preowned and high-end fashion. This feature is now on eBay’s homepage and fashion section for active fashion viewers.

With this move, eBay taps into the booming generative AI market, which is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. eBay is stepping up its game to stand out among giants like Amazon, Shopify, and Alibaba, who also use GenAI to make shopping more personalized and fun.

Amazon uses GenAI to suggest the best clothing sizes, Shopify lets shop owners edit product photos easily, and Alibaba is making its shopping chatbot smarter. All these big-name steps show how important GenAI is in online shopping.

eBay isn’t new to fashion. It’s been making moves like starting a mobile service for selling luxury items and introducing services to help users sell high-end bags easily. eBay even bought a company, Certilogo, that checks if fashion items are genuine. These efforts show eBay is serious about being a top choice for fashion shoppers online. The fashion e-commerce market is booming, and eBay’s latest steps could help it grow even more, promising better sales in the future.