Estée Lauder and Microsoft boost beauty innovation, enhancing market speed and consumer engagement with GenAI.

Estée Lauder Companies and Microsoft have taken their partnership further by launching an AI Innovation Lab. This new venture taps into Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service. It aims to elevate Estée Lauder’s over 20 prestigious brands by enhancing market responsiveness and consumer connections through GenAI.

The collaboration has produced an internal-facing AI chatbot. This tool is crafted to refine global marketing campaigns. It uses conversational AI to sift through vast product data, enabling swift tailoring of marketing efforts to match emerging local trends and consumer needs.

The initiative also advances product development. By integrating GenAI into their R&D, Estée Lauder‘s teams can quickly adapt to new beauty product and ingredient trends. This significantly speeds up the introduction of new products to the market.

Jane Lauder, Estée Lauder’s EVP and Chief Data Officer, highlighted the benefits of GenAI tools. They create more tailored consumer experiences and accelerate responses to market shifts. Shelley Bransten from Microsoft reinforced this, noting GenAI’s role in fostering engaging customer interactions and sustainable product innovations. This partnership marks a strategic advancement in technology use to elevate industry standards and enhance consumer satisfaction.