EXL, a powerhouse in data analytics and digital solutions, has partnered with Microsoft to accelerate GenAI innovations across industries.

The collaboration will leverage the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to enhance client services in sectors such as insurance, healthcare, and retail. By combining EXL’s rich data and analytics capabilities with Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology, the partnership aims to refine customer interactions, enhance insights, and develop new products.

The partnership will develop industry-specific solutions that empower EXL’s data experts with advanced technology and insights from Microsoft. It aims to push the boundaries of what businesses can achieve with GenAI, ensuring that EXL remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

The partnership is led by Rohit Kapoor of EXL and John Montgomery from Microsoft, who share a vision of transformative business outcomes through this partnership.

EXL has a solid track record in deploying cloud and AI solutions effectively, as demonstrated by their healthcare platform, which is already leveraging Microsoft Azure. With a dedicated GenAI center of excellence, EXL is preparing 1,500 specialists to lead the charge in GenAI advancements, demonstrating their commitment to evolving alongside technological trends.