FA partners with Google Cloud to leverage GenAI for better player selection and scouting insights ahead of Euro 2024.

England manager Gareth Southgate is using GenAI to gain deeper insights into his squad ahead of Euro 2024. Partnering with Google Cloud, the Football Association (FA) employs GenAI to enhance player profiling and scouting, ensuring early identification of future talents like Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham.

Traditional methods struggled to process vast amounts of performance data. GenAI efficiently analyzes extensive match data to identify player strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, identifying patterns in play, such as why set plays fail, was cumbersome with old methods. GenAI provides detailed analysis, revealing trends over numerous matches.

The Player Profiling System aids Southgate in making data-driven decisions, enhancing player selection and tactical planning. The Scouting Summarisations project, utilizing Vertex AI, streamlines the evaluation of scouting reports, ensuring no potential talent is overlooked. Detailed insights help address specific team weaknesses, such as set play execution, ultimately giving England a competitive edge.

Mark Jarvis, the FA’s head of performance, emphasizes the balanced use of AI, ensuring it addresses specific problems rather than being used for its novelty. The project aims to distill scouts’ expert knowledge into actionable insights, potentially benefiting senior England squads in the future.