Figma introduces UI3, a redesigned interface, along with new GenAI features to streamline design workflows and boost productivity.

Design platform Figma has launched UI3, its third major redesign, alongside a suite of GenAI tools called Figma AI. These features, such as Visual Search and Asset Search, automate and simplify design tasks by enabling users to locate and reuse designs via image uploads or text queries. Available for free during the beta period through 2024, these tools enhance creative processes and efficiency.

Key capabilities of Figma AI include generating realistic text and images for mockups, renaming layers with contextual titles, and removing image backgrounds. The Make Prototype tool transforms static designs into interactive prototypes. Combined with the user-friendly UI3, these features significantly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing designers to focus on innovation and creativity.

Figma emphasizes that its AI features, integrated with the new UI3, are powered by third-party models. This ensures privacy by not using private Figma files or customer data for training. Starting August 15, users will have the option to train AI models on Figma-specific design concepts, enhancing tool relevance without affecting availability.

Both Figma AI and the new UI3 are currently in limited beta, and interested users can join the waitlist. These advancements represent a significant milestone in Figma’s pursuit of offering robust, intuitive design tools that cater to designers’ changing needs.