Freshpet, a prominent pet food brand, has embraced AI to upgrade its customer service framework.

Spearheaded by Lisa Diehl, Director of Consumer Care, the initiative centers around Scout, a chatbot designed to manage routine inquiries, ensuring a smoother customer journey.

As digital interaction becomes the norm, especially among younger demographics, Freshpet’s leap towards AI is timely. Scout not only addresses basic queries efficiently but also enables live agents to focus on nuanced issues requiring a human touch. This blend of digital and human interaction is pivotal in maintaining customer satisfaction.

The impact is palpable. A significant reduction in call volume coupled with a rise in chat interactions highlights the shift in consumer behavior. Moreover, the chatbot’s effective handling of inquiries led to a 39% drop in calls, allowing the consumer care team to focus on high-priority issues. The reduced call volumes also resulted in a 29% decrease in waiting times for customers requiring live assistance.

Looking ahead, Freshpet aims to further integrate generative AI and chat GPT into their consumer care operations, marking a forward-thinking approach in aligning with evolving consumer expectations while fostering a robust customer service framework1.