Fukuoka City sets a new standard in public sector efficiency by reducing employee work hours by 33% through a GenAI trial with QT-GenAI.

Fukuoka City, in collaboration with AI startup AndDot and QTnet, a subsidiary of Kyushu Electric Power, embarked on a GenAI trial named QT-GenAI, targeting about 40 city employees. The trial began in October 2023 and aimed to explore GenAI’s potential to streamline tasks like document creation and promotional material drafting. Remarkably, tasks that usually took an hour were completed in 40 minutes, highlighting a significant productivity boost.

This GenAI trial accelerated task completion and introduced a promising pathway toward operational efficiency for the city’s administration. Based on the success of the initial experiment, Fukuoka City is contemplating a broader application of GenAI technologies to enhance its operational efficiency further. This initiative reflects a strategic move to harness GenAI for administrative tasks, suggesting a shift in how city governments might operate in the future.

QT-GenAI, developed to improve staff productivity and safety, underwent several AI literacy training and prompt engineering iterations. The staff’s feedback indicated a substantial reduction in work time by over 33% and a significant improvement in task outcomes and quality. This feedback underscores the tangible benefits of integrating GenAI into routine administrative functions.

Implementing QT-GenAI’s “mode function” played a pivotal role in achieving these results. This feature allows for efficient task execution without needing constant prompt creation, showcasing GenAI’s capability to adapt to and streamline varied administrative tasks. Fukuoka City’s initiative demonstrates the practical application of GenAI in improving government operations and sets a benchmark for other cities considering similar technological advancements.