Gamuda redefines construction with Google Cloud’s GenAI, boosting efficiency and innovation across its operations.

Gamuda Berhad, in collaboration with Google Cloud, is pioneering the integration of GenAI across its engineering and construction operations. This initiative, part of Gamuda’s ongoing digital innovation journey, aims to revolutionize the traditionally conservative engineering and construction industry by enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation.

The launch of the Gamuda Digital Operating System (GDOS) and the transition to Google Cloud have been critical steps in making enterprise-level GenAI capabilities accessible to all employees. GDOS serves as a unified data cloud platform, streamlining data from critical systems like Autodesk Construction Cloud and SAP S4/HANA, and laying the foundation for GenAI adoption.

With Google Cloud’s GenAI models, such as the conversational agent integrated into the cloud-based Tunnel Insight platform, Gamuda is set to transform tunneling operations. This GenAI-powered conversational agent assists staff in extracting actionable insights from sensor data generated by the world’s first autonomous tunnel boring machines (A-TBMs), optimizing maintenance processes and machine performance interpretation.

Moreover, Gamuda utilizes Vertex AI Search and Conversation to build generative search and chat applications, enabling employees to synthesize research documentation and gain insights for project proposals quickly. This empowers employees to create customized generative applications accessible through an internal marketplace, BotUnify, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

Gamuda’s strategic use of GenAI, supported by Google Cloud’s enterprise AI stack, marks a significant leap toward a digital and data-driven construction industry. By democratizing GenAI tools among its workforce, Gamuda improves operational efficiency and sets a new standard for innovation in engineering and construction.