Getty’s new ‘Generative AI by iStock’ ensures legally safe AI-generated images for marketing use, leveraging their extensive licensed image library.

Getty Images recently unveiled ‘Generative AI by iStock‘, a new tool designed to create AI-generated images free from the shackles of copyright concerns. This AI image generator, powered by NVIDIA’s Picasso, is a significant stride forward in the realm of digital creativity and commercial imagery.

Unlike typical AI image generators that train on vast online image databases, often leading to copyright infringement risks, Getty’s approach is refreshingly different and secure. They’ve harnessed their own massive, licensed image repository to train their model. This move not only ensures the generation of unique, legally sound images but also emboldens creative professionals to freely use these AI-generated visuals in their marketing endeavors.

Key features of ‘Generative AI by iStock’ include a user-friendly interface, high-quality visual outputs, and robust legal protection for customers. For a nominal fee, users can prompt the AI to generate a set of images from which they can choose for their projects. Each image comes with the assurance of up to $10,000 in legal indemnification by iStock, a testament to the confidence Getty has in their AI’s reliability and legality.

This AI tool stands out not just for its legal safety but also for its quality. The images, while AI-generated, possess a remarkable lifelike quality, often indistinguishable from traditional Getty images. This level of realism is a testament to the sophistication of the AI model and the quality of the training data.

However, Getty has implemented certain restrictions to maintain ethical standards and respect for individual privacy. For instance, the AI avoids generating images of real individuals or specific art styles, like those of Andy Warhol, ensuring no personal or artistic rights are infringed.