Google and the University of Tokyo are collaborating to tackle Japan’s regional challenges with GenAI, aiming for nationwide solutions by 2027.

Google and the University of Tokyo are joining forces to leverage GenAI in solving local issues across Japan. The initiative, led by AI expert Professor Yutaka Matsuo, will pilot projects in Osaka and Hiroshima. The goal is to develop scalable solutions for problems like workforce shortages.

In Osaka, the project targets job mismatches. GenAI models will suggest suitable positions to job seekers, helping them discover ideal career paths. This approach surpasses traditional job placement methods by utilizing vast online data to match skills with opportunities.

Hiroshima’s focus remains undecided, but the potential for GenAI to answer relocation queries and support local governance is strong. Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki envisions AI guiding the region’s future, enhancing decision-making and service delivery.

Further applications include improving remote island medical systems and automating agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. Matsuo emphasizes that effectively using GenAI presents a significant opportunity for Japan’s progress.