Guangxi Electric Grid debuts China’s first full-scale GenAI model for power production, a landmark in intelligent industrial transformation.

In a recent event in Nanning, the Guangxi Electric Grid Company unveiled a transformative GenAI model for power production, marking a first in China’s industry. Developed in collaboration with the Southern Power Grid AI Tech Co., this model represents a significant leap in the digitization of power transmission and maintenance.

The electrical industry, pivotal to national well-being, faces increasing complexity with developments in high-capacity, long-distance transmission. At the end of 2023, Guangxi’s grid boasted over 67,200 km of high-voltage lines, necessitating robust operational management for reliable power supply. Traditional models, hindered by limited defect-recognition capabilities, often mistook natural elements for faults, demanding manual verification.

Enter the large-scale GenAI model. With enhanced learning and generalization abilities, this model significantly outperforms its predecessors. It not only increases defect recognition efficiency by five times and accuracy by 15% but also addresses the fragmentation issues of smaller models. This leads to more precise identification and description of power line defects, a crucial step in ensuring energy security.

The successful integration of this GenAI model into Guangxi’s power grid operations is already showing promising results. With an average defect recognition rate of 91.24%, it sets a new standard in the industry. The next phase involves enriching the defect sample database and expanding the model to other areas like substation and distribution, aiming for a higher level of digital empowerment.