IMD transforms executive education with GenAI, offering personalized, post-classroom learning experiences and addressing workplace challenges.

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) is paving the way for continuous learning through a new GenAI-powered program that’s breaking traditional barriers and introducing dynamic, growth-focused journeys in the executive education landscape. Sarah Toms, IMD’s Chief Learning Innovation officer, highlights the importance of personalized learning experiences that cater to participants’ unique workplace challenges and are available in their preferred languages. The GenAI technology is designed to provide insights that are tailored to the individual’s learning needs.

A standout initiative is OWP+GPT, IMD’s adaptation of GPT-4, which synthesizes classroom discussions and expert content into customized assistance. The project is a reflection of IMD’s shift towards a specialized, secure, and flexible “IMD expert AI,” which enhances privacy and control over data. In addition, IMD is leveraging OpenAI’s DALL-E to introduce a visual dimension to learning. Participants can now depict key takeaways, which enriches comprehension and critical thinking.

IMD is expanding its use of GenAI by incorporating it across its MBA, EMBA, and executive education courses. The goal is to leverage extended reality (XR) to provide a more immersive learning experience. This approach aims to enhance interactivity in online learning and cater to each individual learner’s pace and comprehension level.

IMD has taken GenAI’s ethical considerations seriously and established a steering committee to oversee the development of AI tools. This committee has formulated 10 guiding principles that prioritize ethics, transparency, and sustainability. IMD is committed to ensuring that GenAI complies with GDPR, minimizes its environmental impact, and educates users on ethical AI interaction.