Indigo revolutionizes customer service with its 6Eskai Chatbot, powered by GPT-4, reducing agent workload by a staggering 75%.

Indigo, a leading Indian airline, recently unveiled its AI chatbot, 6Eskai, driven by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, this in-house creation marks a pivotal achievement for Indigo. Its capability to handle queries in 10 languages and streamline ticket bookings positions 6Eskai as a trailblazer in airline customer service.

The chatbot’s introduction has led to a remarkable 75% decrease in workload for customer service agents, highlighting its efficiency. 6Eskai’s proficiency lies in its ability to mimic human interaction, respond to emotions, and even inject humor, making customer interactions more engaging and enjoyable.

6Eskai’s versatility extends to a plethora of tasks: ticket booking, applying discounts, adding extras, web check-ins, seat selection, trip planning, answering FAQs, and connecting customers with human agents. Its understanding of both written and spoken language, thanks to advanced speech-to-text models, further enhances its utility.

Summi Sharma, Senior VP of ifly and Customer Experience at Indigo, expressed excitement about 6Eskai’s introduction, emphasizing its role in augmenting customer satisfaction and streamlining operations. This innovation reflects Indigo’s commitment to technology and customer-focused services, setting a high standard in the airline industry.