ING’s new GenAI chatbot improves customer assistance, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.

Global bank ING has partnered with McKinsey to develop a GenAI-powered chatbot. In just seven weeks, they created a tool capable of handling more customer inquiries than the classic chatbot. This advanced technology enhances user experience by providing immediate, personalized responses.

Previously, 16,500 weekly inquiries required live agent intervention. GenAI now handles more of these, reducing call center load. The old system caused delays due to limited operational hours. The GenAI chatbot offers instant help, significantly cutting wait times.

Traditional chatbots struggled with complex questions. GenAI’s sophisticated language processing delivers more accurate and relevant answers. The chatbot assists 20% more customers, ensuring quicker resolutions and improved satisfaction.

The technology is designed to scale across ten markets, potentially impacting 37 million customers. Custom guardrails ensure secure and reliable advice, maintaining customer trust and safety. By integrating GenAI, ING has set a new standard for customer service in banking, proving the effectiveness and potential of advanced AI solutions.