Kentik’s observability platform now features GenAI, streamlining network issue resolutions.

Kentik, a leader in network observability, has revolutionized its SaaS platform by incorporating GenAI to assist network engineers in efficiently diagnosing and resolving issues across cloud, network, and internet infrastructures. This enhancement introduces natural language interfaces and guided troubleshooting workflows, significantly reducing the time required for problem-solving.

Christoph Pfister, Kentik’s Chief Product Officer, emphasized the strategic vision behind Kentik AI, highlighting the growing complexity and critical need for reliable networks in today’s digital landscape. The integration of GenAI aims to simplify network observability by converting raw data into actionable insights, as noted in a report by Enterprise Management Associates, which distinguishes network observability from traditional network monitoring.

Kentik’s AI initiatives include the Kentik Network Monitoring System (NMS) for real-time health optimization and the introduction of two GenAI-enabled features: Kentik Query Assistant and Kentik Journeys. The Query Assistant allows users to inquire about network specifics using natural language, while Kentik Journeys offers an AI-guided workflow for troubleshooting complex network issues.

These innovations are designed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), as highlighted by Brian Mengel, CTO at PenTeleData, who praises Kentik for its potential to streamline network investigations. By integrating advanced traffic analysis and metrics monitoring into a singular SaaS platform, Kentik not only simplifies network management but also aims to lower the total cost of ownership for network monitoring.

Kentik AI, which leverages AI and machine learning, is now available. It promises to improve the digital experience monitoring across various platforms and further empower network managers with the tools needed for swift and effective problem resolution.