Kiteworks Pte Ltd. harnesses GenAI to revolutionize content creation, achieving unprecedented efficiency and market impact.

Kiteworks Pte Ltd., known for its secure file sharing and email platform, has embraced GenAI, transforming its content production process. Leveraging a variety of GenAI tools, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Claude, the company has notably enhanced its email marketing and sales training, leading to a tenfold efficiency boost and a surge in sales leads.

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Tim Freestone initiated this shift by insisting on proficiency in GenAI prompting within his team. This focus has led to a significant reduction in content generation time, from hours to mere minutes, using tools like Perplexity AI for accurate data citations and Chatbase for customized GPT models.

Kiteworks’ strategic approach includes using GenAI for a range of applications. They feed extensive company data into Chatbase to create industry-specific prompts, resulting in dynamic, tailored content. Their use of Claude to digest and summarize complex regulatory texts has streamlined the creation of customized sales briefs, reducing time from hours to about an hour.

Moreover, GenAI has revolutionized their sales training. By automating this process with chatbots, training time has been cut from 100 hours to just one or two, ensuring error-free pitches and emails. Additionally, automated translation has expanded their blog’s reach, translating 85% of their English content into other languages, enhancing their global market presence.