Li Auto introduces Mind GPT, a revolutionary in-car GenAI model, achieving top rankings in multi-modal cognitive abilities in key Chinese AI evaluations.

Li Auto has recently revealed its cutting-edge Mind GPT at its Smart Software Conference. This advanced multi-modal cognitive model, tailored specifically for automotive environments, operates without the need for specific command words, a pioneering feature in the industry. Mind GPT significantly elevates the in-car user experience, boasting enhanced listening and executing capabilities. It offers support for various dialects, free-form commands, a streamlined mode, and an all-time, vehicle-wide activation without the need for wake-up commands.

The foundation of Mind GPT, developed from the ground up by Li Auto, utilizes their proprietary TaskFormer neural network architecture. It underwent extensive training across several use cases, including driving, entertainment, and navigation, using sophisticated techniques like SFT and RLHF. This comprehensive training regime equipped Mind GPT with three pivotal skills: understanding, generating content, and knowledge retention and reasoning.

Demonstrating its prowess, Mind GPT secured top positions in renowned domestic AI evaluations. It clinched the first place among 58 contenders in the C-EVAL, an extensive Chinese language model assessment spanning 52 academic fields. Furthermore, it also topped the CMMLU benchmark, which evaluates multi-task language understanding across 67 thematic areas ranging from basic subjects to advanced professional topics.

Constantly evolving, Mind GPT now encompasses over 1000 specialized capabilities across 111 domains, specifically designed for key scenarios in Li Auto’s vehicles. It introduces three types of assistants and a teacher to the Li Auto car owner’s experience, focusing on professional driving assistance, travel guidance, entertainment, and encyclopedic knowledge.

In closing, Li Auto announced the upcoming OTA 5.0 update, set for release on December 19, 2023, for the Li Auto L series. The Max model will be the first to receive the AD Max 3.0 upgrade, which will significantly boost intelligent driving functions under the BEV framework.