LinkedIn’s new GenAI tools offer more streamlined job searches, efficient recruiting, and optimized marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn is introducing additional GenAI tools to enhance job searches and professional learning. With a 5x increase in AI course engagement and surging demand for AI talent, LinkedIn’s new tools cater to these needs.

LinkedIn’s GenAI-powered job search simplifies finding opportunities. Users can search for jobs using plain language queries, like “remote marketing job in Detroit.” This conversational approach helps job seekers find relevant roles quickly. GenAI offers personalized resume reviews and cover letter assistance, providing immediate feedback to make applications stand out.

The platform introduces AI-powered learning enhancements. Premium subscribers can interact with expert advice tailored to their learning needs. Users can ask for summaries, clarifications, or real-time insights as they watch courses, making learning more effective and personalized.

For recruiters, LinkedIn’s GenAI features improve hiring efficiency, yielding 40% higher InMail acceptance rates and faster candidate responses. Marketers benefit from AI-driven campaign optimization, resulting in 52% lower costs per action. With AI-guided messaging and custom calls-to-action, small businesses can use Premium Company Pages to boost growth.

“We are committed to helping professionals navigate this unprecedented change,” said Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn. “This is the continuation of our journey, where the power of AI can be put to work to help guide you through every career question and decision, assisting you as you grow in your career or accelerate your business.”