LinkedIn Learning enhances AI-powered coaching, offering users new ways to get instant answers from instructional videos.

A new LinkedIn pilot program delivers AI-crafted advice based on insights from instructors like psychologist Gemma Leigh Roberts and strategy expert Anil K. Gupta. The AI, trained on their courses and other content, provides immediate tips akin to a live coaching session.

“We worked closely with instructors to ensure they were happy with the responses,” says Hari Srinivasan, VP of Product at LinkedIn Talent Solutions. The AI avoids answering outside an instructor’s expertise and updates over time to cover frequent user questions.

Users can consult AI versions of multiple instructors, tailoring advice to their needs, similar to human coaching. This initiative makes LinkedIn Learning’s vast library more accessible through AI. The AI coach, now available to Premium and Enterprise users, links to relevant videos and offers quick answers tailored to user-specific job titles and career goals.

A new feature answers questions about specific course videos, compensating instructors based on questions answered. This ensures instructors are rewarded for their expertise and encourages top experts to participate.

Previously, users had to wait for instructor responses. Now, the AI feature provides instant answers, saving instructors from repetitive queries. While text responses won’t replace course videos, they enhance how users interact with LinkedIn Learning, potentially influencing future course designs.