LVMH Group is transforming its luxury brands with GenAI, tackling tough challenges and unlocking new benefits for both customers and operations.

At the VivaTech conference in Paris, LVMH showcased how its brands use GenAI to elevate the luxury experience. Bulgari gave attendees a mixology experience where guests could co-create unique scents using interactive technology and AI. This personalized approach helps Bulgari stand out in a crowded market by offering a unique customer experience.

Guerlain took a different route, combining virtual reality with GenAI to create a multidimensional olfactory landscape. This immersive experience, complete with scents, audiovisual elements, and 3D technology, captures consumer interest memorably, boosting brand loyalty.

Loro Piana’s ‘Silhouette’ activation allowed users to design digital avatars and style them in virtual garments. This GenAI-powered solution can be used in-store and online, modernizing the traditional try-before-you-buy model and providing a fun, interactive shopping experience.

On the operational front, Dior introduced a GenAI platform called Astra. This tool gathers data from customer reviews, product pages, and live shopping sessions to help the brand stay in tune with consumer preferences. By efficiently analyzing vast amounts of feedback, Dior can more effectively improve its products and services.

LVMH’s adoption of GenAI enhances consumer engagement and reinforces its position as a pioneer in luxury innovation. By overcoming challenges like market competition, consumer engagement, and data analysis, LVMH is setting a new benchmark in the industry.