Mastercard’s GenAI chatbot, Shopping Muse, personalizes online shopping, mirroring OpenAI’s tech evolution.

Dynamic Yield, a recent Mastercard acquisition, has launched Shopping Muse, an innovative GenAI chatbot reshaping e-commerce. Acquired from McDonald’s in 2022, this tool epitomizes Mastercard’s GenAI-first strategy, blending advanced AI with personalized shopping experiences.

Shopping Muse excels in algorithmic content matching, a key feature that sets it apart. It interprets customers’ natural language requests, offering tailored product suggestions. This approach echoes the evolution of generative AI systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E, known for transforming user inputs into diverse outputs.

Ori Bauer, CEO of Dynamic Yield, highlights the significance of personalization. He explains how Shopping Muse, leveraging generative AI, creates immersive shopping experiences that meet modern consumer expectations. This personalization is not just about understanding user requests; it’s about creating a shopping journey that feels intuitive and uniquely tailored to each customer.

Dynamic Yield’s impact extends beyond e-commerce. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, with a global office network, its client base is extensive. The acquisition by Mastercard marks a significant step in integrating AI into various sectors, including financial fraud detection. Mastercard’s partnership with Feedzai underscores this commitment, showing a proactive approach in adopting AI for complex business challenges.