Meinian Onehealth, Huawei Cloud, and Runda Medical unveil “Healthy Xiaomei”, a trailblazing AI health management robot.

Meinian Onehealth, in collaboration with Huawei Cloud and Runda Medical, signed a pivotal cooperation agreement on January 17, 2024, at Huawei Cloud Data Center in Guizhou. This alliance heralds the creation of “Healthy Xiaomei”, the first-of-its-kind health management AI robot in China, developed on Huawei Cloud’s robust platform.

“Healthy Xiaomei” symbolizes a significant stride in integrating healthcare with GenAI. Its capabilities include tailored health advice based on big data and AI, a smart digital health manager platform, digital twin technology for holistic health tracking, AI-supported medical diagnostics, and the incorporation of cutting-edge health tech for improved patient care.

The partnership is poised to revolutionize health management using AI. Meinian Onehealth spearheads the project, drawing on its extensive health checkup data and AI ecosystem. Huawei Cloud contributes with its leading-edge cloud computing, big data, and AI technologies. Runda Medical brings in its depth of experience in smart medical services, providing operational and application strategies for “Healthy Xiaomei”.

For Meinian Onehealth, this venture is a leap forward in enhancing its health check services. Existing AI applications cover diagnostics in numerous areas, including lung, stroke, and coronary diseases. This GenAI-driven initiative aims to provide personalized, comprehensive health management to millions, transforming the health check industry into a smart, data-centric era.