MODE, Inc. introduces the BizStack AI Assistant, a pioneering GenAI and IoT integration set to transform data handling in industrial environments.

Officially launching on May 1, 2024, after raising $8.75 million in Series B funding, BizStack is designed to enhance data access and management on worksites. The BizStack AI Assistant addresses key industry challenges by facilitating interaction with complex IoT data through a simple chat interface. This allows field workers to easily navigate and understand data without specialized computer skills, improving efficiency and accessibility on the ground.

Key features include real-time data reporting, aggregation, and visualization, all integrated seamlessly with popular chat platforms like Slack. This enables instantaneous communication and data access from any device, significantly simplifying the user experience and enhancing operational responsiveness.

Two specific applications at Panasonic and Nishimatsu Construction highlight BizStack’s versatility and effectiveness in different settings:

Panasonic leveraged BizStack AI to streamline data access for its sales team, enabling them to generate precise, data-driven sales proposals. This improved clarity and effectiveness in customer interactions, showcasing the tangible benefits of Panasonic’s energy solutions.

At Nishimatsu Construction, BizStack AI reduced the need for multiple dashboard monitoring and frequent office visits for data checks. Supervisors now access real-time data directly on their smartphones, cutting inspection times by 40% and boosting efficiency and safety at construction sites.

BizStack AI Assistant simplifies data workflows and drives significant improvements in resource management and decision-making across various sectors.