NBCUniversal uses GenAI to sharpen TV ad targeting, unlocking new ways to engage viewers.

NBCUniversal steps into the future of TV ads with GenAI, crafting audience segments with unmatched precision. This move taps into vast data, creating pathways for ads that resonate deeply with viewers’ emotions. By pinpointing the right audience, NBCUniversal’s GenAI-driven strategy opens new doors for advertisers to connect with their target viewers more effectively.

Introducing programmatic access to the Olympic and Paralympic Games ads marks a leap forward. This collaboration with The Trade Desk means advertisers can now reach into the heart of live sports, engaging audiences when they are most captivated. It’s a game-changer that provides a direct route for brands to spark viewer interest and drive real-time action.

On another front, NBCUniversal is reimagining how we watch and shop with Virtual Concessions and Must ShopTV. These innovations blend viewing with shopping, allowing audiences to buy directly from their screens. Whether it’s sports fans or series bingers, viewers get to shop the moment, making their experience more interactive and enjoyable.

Behind the scenes, NBCUniversal’s One Platform Total Measurement is revolutionizing ad impact tracking. This system offers a comprehensive view of ads’ performance, from grabbing attention to driving purchases. By simplifying and unifying ad measurement, NBCUniversal provides advertisers with clear insights, showcasing the true value of their campaigns. Through strategic GenAI use and partnerships, NBCUniversal sets a new standard for how brands engage with audiences in the digital age.