NEC Corporation has launched a GenAI marketing strategy tool to better identify customer needs, create tailored strategies, and predict the effectiveness of marketing actions.

Slated for a 2024 release, it’s a first in automatically detailing customer interests and preferences, promising to refine how businesses approach marketing. This technology has already inspired service ideas for ENEOS Corporation, Japan’s top oil and energy firm, to upgrade its service stations. By identifying what customers truly want, NEC aims to transform service offerings to meet emerging demands.

At its core, NEC’s technology simulates potential customer reactions, allowing businesses to select the most impactful strategies. It combines NEC’s AI insights with consumer data to pinpoint exact needs and preferences at specific locations. The tech also enables pre-implementation testing of strategies, increasing their success rate.

NEC’s use of LLMs for GenAI means users can tweak strategies quickly based on feedback in natural language. This approach makes advanced analytics accessible to more companies, even those without extensive data. NEC combines purchase history with public data, offering a broad view of customer interests.

ENEOS Corporation is considering this technology for its next-generation service stations, aiming to offer more than just energy. These stations will become lifestyle platforms, reflecting local needs and contributing to a carbon-neutral society. This NEC-ENEOS collaboration showcases the potential for services tailored to real-world customer preferences.