NETA partners with 360 Group, introducing NETA GPT to enhance SUV smart cabins with GenAI technology.

The recent partnership between NETA Automotive and 360 Group has introduced NETA GPT, bringing GenAI into vehicle cabins. This move is a big step forward in using GenAI for car design and product development, starting a new chapter in China’s AI-focused car industry. NETA GPT aims to transform how drivers and passengers interact with their cars, making every ride smarter and more intuitive.

The core of this innovation is the NETA Assistant, energized by NETA GPT. This feature turns cars into intelligent spaces that communicate effectively with users, answering questions about the vehicle and enhancing daily activities through advanced search and chat features. This integration is powered by 360’s technology and NETA’s unique knowledge, ensuring a seamless interaction.

NETA’s approach to GenAI goes beyond just the smart cabin. It extends to research and development, design, customer service, and marketing. This strategy aims to cut costs and boost efficiency across the board. NETA’s commitment to integrating GenAI demonstrates its goal to lead in the AI era, making smart vehicles more available to everyone.