NetEase taps into GenAI to boost game development, resulting in a 15.7% profit surge.

NetEase, a major player in the gaming industry, recently revealed a 15.7% increase in continuous operational net profits, totaling 86 billion yuan in its third-quarter financial report. This impressive growth is attributed to smart investments in GenAI technology.

In the competitive gaming arena, NetEase utilizes generative AI to refine game development across planning, design, storytelling, creativity, and coding. This integration showcases forward-thinking and highlights the practicality of GenAI in creative industries.

Consider “Justice Online” (逆水寒), a mobile MMORPG with over 50 million users. NetEase’s strategy employs a user-friendly, low ARPU micro-payment model, simplifying payments for players while maintaining a healthy gaming ecosystem. This approach, coupled with GenAI, underscores NetEase’s commitment to user-friendly game development.

NetEase’s commitment to GenAI shines through its substantial R&D investment. They’ve allocated over 12 billion yuan in the first three quarters, with 4.3 billion in Q3 alone. These investments highlight NetEase’s confidence in GenAI’s ability to transform game development.