NetEase’s AI Music Lab boosts industry efficiency with innovative musical compositions for CCTV’s New Year special.

During the New Year’s period, NetEase Cloud Music’s AI Music Lab provided instrumental support for CCTV’s New Year special “Stepping Forward.” Utilizing AIGC technology for composing and arranging, the lab swiftly created theme music featuring string instruments, piano, and pipa, enhancing the program’s reporting quality. This contribution was highlighted as a representation of new productive forces, with a live demonstration of the lab’s one-stop AI songwriting system. Zhu Keli, a senior member of the China Information Association, praised AI as a powerful aid, enhancing industry quality and efficiency through human-machine collaboration.

NetEase’s AI Music Lab, pioneering in the industry, introduced a comprehensive AI music system capable of generating song demos in just 10 seconds. By inputting keywords and preferences, users can quickly create and customize song demos, reflecting the lab’s extensive five-year technical accumulation. The system integrates trend analysis, full-chain music creation, and song popularity prediction, backed by multiple patents and professional quality assurance.

As AI music quality and efficiency continue to improve, it’s becoming a vital tool for musicians, widely applicable across various scenarios. Zhu Keli noted AI’s role as a strong auxiliary force, encouraging human-machine collaboration to upgrade traditional industries. NetEase’s AI Music Lab has produced several hit songs, achieving significant play counts and topping various music charts. Additionally, the lab is exploring diverse applications of AI technology, enhancing experiences across devices and creating high-quality music for broader audiences.