NetEase Youdao unveils “子曰” 2.0 and other innovative GenAI education products, reshaping learning with AI.

NetEase Youdao, a leading educational technology firm, recently orchestrated the “子曰” GenAI education model innovation release, revealing its groundbreaking “子曰” 2.0 and three innovative applications. Among these, the AI family tutor “Little P Teacher” has garnered immense attention, promising a new era of full-subject Q&A. Positioned as the industry’s pinnacle, it integrates multiple GenAI native applications into a versatile “three-in-one” device, the Youdao AI Learning Machine X20.

NetEase Youdao’s CEO, Zhou Feng, emphasised the significance of GenAI in ushering in new business models for AI’s future, likening its impact to the mobile internet revolution sparked by the iPhone. Since the debut of its first education model, “子曰”, in July 2023, NetEase Youdao has consistently led the charge in GenAI applications, including the world’s first virtual spoken English private tutor Hi Echo and the dictionary pen X6 pro equipped with large model functions.

The spotlight shines on “Little P Teacher”, a promising GenAI application designed to tackle the challenges parents face in tutoring. By providing comprehensive, all-subject support and encouraging exploratory learning, it epitomises the fusion of technology and education. Alongside, the Youdao AI Learning Machine X20 stands out with its innovative “three-in-one” mode, merging learning, exercise, and a dedicated student computer.

Adding to its portfolio, NetEase Youdao introduced Hi Echo 2.0 and Youdao Speed Reading, highlighting their commitment to enhancing English oral skills and efficient document comprehension. Chief Scientist Duan Yitao’s announcement of open-sourcing the RAG engine “QAnything” underscores their dedication to fostering innovation and expanding technology’s reach.