Nintex, an automation and process intelligence leader, integrates GenAI into its platform to ease workflow tasks.

This integration focuses on enhancing the automation of workflows and content management, making it simpler and more efficient for users to navigate and execute their tasks. The introduction of Nintex Assistant, a smart AI chatbot, and new AI-powered tools like Form Generator and Form Translator directly address common automation challenges, offering a more intuitive and seamless experience.

The incorporation of GenAI by Nintex targets specific hurdles in the automation domain, such as the labor-intensive processes of custom form creation and content translation for diverse global operations. Using GenAI, Nintex simplifies these tasks, allowing users to generate customizable forms with a few keystrokes and instantly translate content into over 130 languages. This accelerates the workflow setup process and significantly expands the accessibility of Nintex’s platform to a global audience.

Moreover, the Nintex Assistant chatbot exemplifies the practical application of GenAI, offering users immediate, context-sensitive support based on their inquiries. This feature demonstrates how GenAI can transform customer support within software platforms, providing timely assistance and improving user satisfaction.

The strategic integration of GenAI into the Nintex Process Platform heralds a new era in workflow automation, emphasizing efficiency, scalability, and user-friendliness. Nintex’s GenAI enhancements streamline the design and management of workflows, mitigating manual input and fostering a more inclusive, global reach. These advancements bolster Nintex’s standing as an innovator in process automation and showcase the transformative potential of GenAI in overcoming operational inefficiencies and enhancing organizational productivity.