Oracle enhances NetSuite with advanced GenAI, streamlining tasks and safeguarding data for businesses.

Oracle has announced an expansion of its GenAI capabilities within NetSuite, introducing a tool called Text Enhance. This tool makes it easier for users to quickly generate and adjust content that’s specific to their company. It works across areas like finance, supply chain, sales, marketing, and customer support. This upgrade allows companies to work faster, make fewer mistakes, and keep their processes consistent.

Text Enhance has received great feedback since its first introduction at SuiteWorld 2023. Now, Oracle is adding even more functions to it. According to Evan Goldberg from Oracle NetSuite, users can now do a wide range of tasks more efficiently in NetSuite. This is a big step in how businesses can use GenAI to save time and improve accuracy.

Oracle has ensured that Text Enhance is safe and secure, protecting users’ data. The tool is built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and is designed to keep customer information private. This means no data sharing with third parties and ensures that only the data owner can access their custom-trained models. Oracle has also put security measures that control who can see what information in NetSuite.

Text Enhance supports various business tasks, from finance to customer support. This wide use helps businesses, making tasks simpler and faster. Oracle’s work to include more GenAI in NetSuite shows a big push to use AI in helping businesses grow and work more efficiently. Customers have already seen benefits like saving time and getting better at their tasks, thanks to the new GenAI features. Oracle’s expansion of these capabilities in NetSuite clearly shows how important AI is in modern business operations.