Pega’s Knowledge Buddy leverages GenAI to streamline internal operations, boosting productivity and accuracy.

Process automation vendor Pega’s new GenAI tool, Knowledge Buddy, is transforming the company’s internal operations. By integrating it into various departments like HR and sales, Pega demonstrates the practical application and benefits of GenAI in improving workplace efficiency and decision-making.

Knowledge Buddy, powered by natural language processing and machine learning, assists employees and customers by providing precise answers from the vast enterprise knowledge bases. This not only enhances user experience but also significantly reduces the workload on support teams. For instance, the HR department witnessed a 25% drop in inquiries thanks to the GenAI tool efficiently handling over 6,000 questions.

Moreover, the Support Buddy, another variant of the Knowledge Buddy, helps support engineers swiftly access relevant case histories and documents. Over 250 employees use the tool daily, improving the triage process and reducing moderators’ response time by up to 30%.

Pega’s conscious approach to integrating GenAI includes safeguards like advising users to verify the tool’s guidance against reference materials. This practice addresses the potential risks of GenAI tools providing inaccurate advice, underscoring the importance of human oversight in GenAI applications.